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We shape the future of healthcare

Deeply embedded Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

elea represents the forefront of AI technology, tailored and deeply integrated to actively automate healthcare provider workflows and significantly enhance medical care, ensuring that clinicians remain in control with real-time data and decision support.


With its intuitive design optimized for mobile devices, operating elea becomes an immersive experience. It facilitates the easy management and supervision of all essential aspects of clinical care from admission to diagnosis, treatment, and discharge.

Our vision

Saving millions of lives. 

With elea, we save lives.

The most advanced artificial intelligence in healthcare is optimizing diagnostic and therapeutic treatment operating procedures, providing support in documentation and allowing doctors to do what they do best. Save lives. 

With elea, health care professional can focus on patients and ensure that patients get the best treatment.

We shape the future of healthcare.

Core Team

Dr. Christoph Schröder


Software business leader, decade long leadership experience in high tech research and development.  

Dr. med. Sebastian Casu


Medical thought leader, medical director and industry influencer with decade long experience 

Tobias Lygren

Tech Lead

Technologist, Software and AI industry leader with experience delivering innovative and high quality products as startup founder

Stephan Frank

Business Lead

Accomplished business and product leader with in-depth expertise in data protection and legal regulations


elea is the pinnacle of AI innovation reshaping healthcare. Developed by an experienced team, elea saves lives with cutting-edge technology tailored to streamline workflows for our healthcare professionals. Experience effortless efficiency with elea's intuitive mobile interface.


Join us in shaping the future of healthcare.

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